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Terasa beruntung pula apabila buku ini yang banyak sekali disebut orang dan sukar sekali ditemukan, berjodoh rupanya dengan hamba. Harapnya selepas ini berjodohan dengan buku puisi T.

A samad said

The building is named after the then Sultan of Selangor when the building was constructed. The building bears Moorish influences with a blend of local culture and British styles.

To represent the identity of the Malaysian people, the architect added an Islamic touch before finally completing the building in Back then, the Sultan Abdul Samad building served as an important structure for the English.

It was, and still is, beautiful, iconic and was probably the most photographed building at the time. The English once used the buildings as the administration office for the government.

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Later, the building was used to house the supreme and high courts, until they renamed it to the Federal Court of Malaysia and moved it to the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya. In the eye of visitors, the chimes of the clock indicate. For this very clock has marked independence at the struck of midnight on 31st August On the nights of important occasions such as Independence Day, the tower will twinkle its way to your eyes with its beautifully-colored lights.

On a building that boasts such amazing architecture and designs, some have attested that the sight looks a lot like the scene of an Arabian night.

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The administrative council knows how beautiful the building is and how much people would love admiring it, so Jalan Raja is closed at nights of special celebrations to allow the public the ease of getting closer to the structure. So do drop by the Sultan Abdul Samad Building for a dose of history and a treat for the eyes.

Nearby attractions Popular attractions within walking distance of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building are Merdeka Square, Chinatown with its famous tourist market and numerous temples and the beautiful Central Market.Anonymous said we also believe in bible but we don,t follow bible because we follow our last prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

A samad said

Islam is the true religion and the best religion in the world. all the quran verses are truth if any one can understand the behind reason of surahs.

A samad said

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