How to write a meta description tag

What is a Meta Description Tag?

How to write a meta description tag

Even if the title tag is the most important one, description still matters. Google bolds important phrases in the description, which catch the eye. In order to make sense of the bolded phrases, you have to read the entire sentence or at least part of it.

how to write a meta description tag

The following example is a localized search result, so your search engine results might differ from mine. For me, the most interesting result is the last one. For example, ASOS lists something about women.

May 2018 Update

Yoox has the luxury of getting 2 positions, which is great and also states something about delivery and online payments. Now there could be a lot of other factors why the other websites are ranking higher.

Other websites might be linked to locations closer to mine. Then we could go into technical SEO issues and number of referring domains. Anyway, the results were inconsistent. Changing location from US to UK showed different results.

For example, 6PM sometimes shown its own meta description and other times just showed menu elements, like in the picture above.

Step 2 Adding keywords - keyword meta tag example

In other cases, shoes. Now, the question that remains is: Well, according to Googleyes! Brian Dean also mentioned this in his famous article about top Google ranking factorsat number A wide number of other experts also agree that CTR is a Google ranking factor.

Your score is basically 0. Only after the user clicks on your result can Google take a look at things like scroll count or bounce rate. Just to mention a few of them, think of Facebook and Twitter. When you share a link on these platforms, they extract data from the HTML in order to display titles, images and descriptions.

Now these very popular platforms have their own tags. Twitter has Twitter Cards and Facebook uses the Open Graph tags to correctly display the required information.

However, many other web platforms might not have their own universally accepted tags and could rely on standard meta tags. Meta tags can also be important for apps and browsers. These will enable you to use different titles, descriptions and images across different platforms, which can increase your CTRs.

What works on search engines might not work on Facebook and what works on Facebook might not work on Twitter. This is mostly true with images. Facebook, for example, requires a specific size to display images nicely. Open Graph provides a solution to this issue.

Adding it is even easier. Although you can do it on plain HTML websites, most websites use databases which makes things different. The most popular one is Yoast SEO. A big advantage of using an SEO plugin is that you can use different titles on your site and on Google.

You can keep that on your site and use the SEO plugin to display something shorter for the search engines. If you click the preview, it will enable you to edit the fields. Right now, my fields are empty, but by the time I publish this article they will be filled up accordingly.

If you click the social media tab on the left, it will also enable you to enter social media titles, descriptions and images. This will add the correct tags to your HTML and display the proper elements on each platform.

There are similar plugins for most popular platforms. Some themes even have their own SEO fields sections.Find out why title tags and meta descriptions are so important and how to write them to get more prospects to click on your links in search engine results.

If you haven’t given your title and description meta tags some love lately, it might be a good thing you procrastinated there are new title and description lengths in the Google Search Results. The meta description is a snippet of up to about characters – a tag in HTML – which summarizes a page’s content.

Search engines show the meta description in search results mostly when the searched-for phrase is within the description, so optimizing the meta description is crucial for on-page SEO..

how to write a meta description tag

What does a meta description do? It ain't pretty and the text is totally random. I actually have no idea why this text is showing up. Working together, your title and meta description should clearly convey what your product is and then incorporate a compelling call to action or reason for the user to click on your search result.

Even though we sometimes use the description meta tag for the snippets we show, we still don’t use the description meta tag in our ranking.

If you write a meta description that is too long.

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