Thesis on brand perception

According to these scholars, the way one perceives about the goods and service have positive relation with consumer preference which later determines maximization in sales.

Thesis on brand perception

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[] A Quantitative Study of the Impact of Social Media Reviews on Brand Perception

Against the background of the challenge marketers face in influencing consumer perceptions of brands, this study attempts to assess the effect of the senses on the perception of a brand. Perception is the way in which consumers interpret the world around them, with the senses as the receptors of information from the environment.

One way of influencing consumer perceptions is by stimulating or involving multiple senses in brand building. To test this statement, the following research question was drawn: In order to focus the research and to provide information to a leading distributor of alcohol spirits in South Africa, it was decided to concentrate on alcohol, more specifically, brandy.

Due to the nature of the selected brand, sensory properties in relation to the product were used to measure the effect of the senses on brand perception. The nature of the brand is a consumable, and taste was used as the dependant variable to measure perceptions.

The stimulated senses in the experiment are sight, sound and smell. Several experiments were conducted in a sensory laboratory, which assessed the effect of the senses on the perception of a brand, by way of individual main effects, two-way interactions and a three-way interaction.

A convenience sample of alcohol spirit consumers, from the Western Cape, was used to conduct the experiment. The empirical results indicated that the three independent variables individual main effects or two-way interactions did not have significant effects on perception.

Most importantly, it was found that the three-way interaction of sight, sound and smell did have a significant effect on the perception of a brand. Therefore, this study revealed that multiple stimulated senses affect the perception of a brand.

Om hierdie stelling te toets is die volgende navorsingsvraag gestel: Weens die aard van die gekose handelsmerk is sensoriese eienskappe in verband met die produk gebruik om die effek van die sintuie op die handelsmerk te bepaal.

Die gestimuleerde sintuie in die eksperiment was sig, klank en reuk. Hierdie respondente was almal alkohol verbruikers wat ook spirietes gebruik. Die empiriese resultate het getoon dat die drie veranderlikes individuele hoof effekte of tweerigting interaksies geen beduidende effek op persepsie gehad het nie.View Essay - CHAPTER 2 THESIS from MBA at AMA Computer University - Quezon City.

Understanding Whisper Brand: A study on brand perception . Private brand has a large impact on customer perception due to availability of product in a one roof; less price and greater quality that shape the mind of consumer to go for private brand.

So the drivers influencing customer attitude towards specific store brand depend upon the respective store brand . Factors Influencing Consumer Buying Behaviour of Luxury Branded Goods Brand Function 4 Brand Association 5 Luxury Goods 6 8 Research Objectives 9 Research Questions 10 Significance of Study 11 Structure of the thesis 11 CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW 13 Introduction 13 Brand The Business & Management Review, Vol.3 Number-2, January The impact of corporate image and reputation on service quality, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty: testing the mediating role.

Brand perception is an extremely vital factor in the success of a company, especially in todays era where the industry is becoming increasingly more competitive.

“The Effect of Marketing Mix and Customer Perception on Brand Loyalty” 2 | P a g e revealed the changes in strategies adopted by customers in .

Thesis on brand perception
Thesis On Brand Perception